Fiery living

Living passionately includes wellness, lifestyle, inspiration and staying curious! Here you will find any articles covering these subjects!

#Fiery living – Sharing my self-care routines

In my ‘Who is the Fiery Explorer’ page, I explain I want to share my view on Fiery living, and maintain a truthful narrative. We all know that life does not…

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Getting ready for Lisbon & a fiery update

Getting ready for Lisbon Tomorrow this time I’ll be in an airplane headed to Lisbon! I’m travelling a few days by myself , and might use some of my time…

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#Done with Dumb – Current favorite podcasts!

Each month in #Done with Dumb I’ll share what I am currently doing to make sure I keep learning, expanding my horizons and what books I am reading. This first…

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2017 resolutions – Artsy, Smart, Fancy and Doing sh*t!

Each year two of my best friends and I come up with resolutions for the year. This once started over many glasses of red wine…we thought new years resolutions needed…

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Cooking our Japan saudade away – Onigiri time!

My friend and I have been missing Japan lately…the friendly people, beautiful surroundings and the food! To squelch our saudade (Portuguese word meaning a feeling of longing or nostalgia) of…

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