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Living passionately includes wellness, lifestyle, inspiration and staying curious! Here you will find any articles covering these subjects!

Sharing my favorite wellness podcasts!

I love podcasts – I listen to them throughout the day and have groups of podcasts for different moments and moods. Listening to more podcasts was one of my 2017 intentions,…

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2018 Intentions: Creative, Fun, Intentional and LOVE!

I love the tradition of setting intentions though because it helps me focus throughout the year on what is important. Seeing 2017 was a very challenging year during which I…

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#Done with dumb – Currently Reading

As a kid, I used to devour books at an amazing speed. Especially school series (Sweet Valley fans, hi!), detectives and supernatural books would be finished in no time. I loved…

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Fiery thoughts – Enjoying the small things

Mindfulness, this has always been a concept I find difficult to understand and even harder to practice. I’m working on my process of becoming more comfortable with myself, taking care…

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My Fiery favorites of January!

My fiery favorite things and products of January! The end of the year and beginning of the next is always a busy period. There is that homey feeling from the…

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