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The Fiery Explorer is back, more fiery than ever!

The Fiery Explorer will continue as a personal and lifestyle blog. A place where I share stories about travels, friendship, food, and self-discovery.

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Exploring the chemistry of travel & friends

Rest. Coffee. Explore. Rest. Coffee. Explore. A common language slowly being developed over the course of a few days. A solid repetition of the same jokes, new enough to surprise…

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Books on my 2018 to-be-read list #done with dumb

My reading obsession is back and I love it! I enjoy the process of buying books almost as much as I enjoy reading them. My 2018 to-be-read list changes frequently,…

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How being geeky in Japan helped my mental health

Geeky, nerdy, enthusiastic…I am never sure what the correct word is, but I know that it gives me joy and never fails to produce a smile on my face. This…

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The Fiery Guide to doing things alone in a city – Part 2

Doing things alone has great power but takes some getting used to as well. Being honest, this is not something I have mastered 100% yet. But life is not about being…

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