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How being geeky in Japan helped my mental health

Geeky, nerdy, enthusiastic…I am never sure what the correct word is, but I know that it gives me joy and never fails to produce a smile on my face. This…

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The Fiery Guide to doing things alone in a city – Part 2

Doing things alone has great power but takes some getting used to as well. Being honest, this is not something I have mastered 100% yet. But life is not about being…

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The Fiery Guide to doing things alone in a city – Part 1

Why write a Fiery guide to doing things alone in a city? I am by nature a very social person, but also fiercely independent and stubborn. In my teenage years,…

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Getting Artsy: a peek into my Art History classes

In 2017 I finally decided to start with Art History classes. A lot of people were surprised but interested in why I started taking these classes, and what I learned.…

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My Fiery favorites of March!

Does anyone else have the feeling that January went by very slowly, and February just rushed by?! After the uplift of energy in January, February brought some slower, colder and…

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