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Fiery Exploring covers all travel outside of Rotterdam, from exploring Dutch cities, fun short city trips in Europe and exciting long vacations outside of Europe!

Fiery Exploring: Osaka city guide!

Osaka…a city I didn’t really know what to expect from before we visited Japan. Would it be a city like Tokyo, or something different altogether? Once we started doing our…

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Lisbon solo-trip booked!

I just booked my first solo trip! I’m going to Lisbon for 3.5 days for some quality solo time exploring the city, having good food & wine and appreciating the…

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Foodie love: Sushi going round and round….Kaitzen-zushi!

On our first night in Osaka we wanted to try something we had not done yet in Japan – conveyor belt sushi. Kura Sushi is a chain restaurant which also has…

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Foodie Love: Street-food journey on Dotonbori, Osaka

Dotonbori is probably the most famous street in Osaka. Known for it’s blown-up restaurant signs of various foods & people, it is colourful, loud, full of people and lined with…

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Fiery Exploring: Kumano Kodo – Standing in postcard perfection

On our last full day in the Kumano Kodo, we visited two of the three grand shrines of the Kumano Kodo: Kumano Hayatama Taisha and Kumano Nachi Taisha. We got up early in…

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