How to support your Rotterdam Faves during COVID19 – Part 1!

During this period of self-quarantine, bars, restaurants and gyms have been forced to close in the Netherlands. Despite that I think that this is a good measure to #flattenthecurve, it hits local business hard. That’s why I want to help support Rotterdam Faves during this crisis!

Below is a list of some of my Rotterdam Faves that are offering delicious meals & other services during this period. Thanks to Waar Rotterdam Eet, HTSPT Rotterdam, Rotterdam Food who shared R’dam locals on Instagram and to those that sent in tips!

In Part 1 I’m focusing on my previously shared all-time Rotterdam Faves and how to support them. Any restaurants that offer only through delivery service I have left out, as I want to highlight those doing it directly!

Friends reminded me that restaurants often have to pay up to 30% service fees to delivery services such as Thuisbezorgd and UberEats. Therefore, if a restaurant offers direct delivery, this option is probably more profitable for them! Good to keep in mind when supporting your Rotterdam Faves.

Bistrot du Bac

Once I step in this restaurant, I am transported temporarily to Paris…the vibe, the smells coming from the kitchen and the look…Bistrot du Bac really takes me to Paris every time! This is an all-time favorite of mine, that I would support multiple times a week if my budget permitted! I also ordered dinner from them to celebrate my Birthday in the beginning of April!

Bistrot du Bac @ The Fiery Explorer
Starter of crab with avocado mouse

Located in Katendrecht this French restaurant offers a three course meal, to be delivered to your doorstep, candle included! They deliver Friday – Sunday within 5 km of their restaurant, and I advise to order on time to ensure you have a delicious meal delivered.

  • Website | Delivery menu
  • Order by whatsapp/phone: 06 – 116 171 67
  • They deliver Friday through Sunday, between 17:30 – 19:00
  • Payment is sent through tikkie
The delicious starters we had during my B’day dinner (yes grainy because dark & I was tipsy haha)

Read my Rotterdam Fave blogpost about them here: Bistrot du Bac – Dreaming of Paris in Rotterdam

Kopi Soesoe

A lovely, warm bubble filled with great music, food and drinks. It’s comfortable and friendly and my go-to for breakfasts on the weekends. Since they opened in Katendrecht, Kopi Soesoe has really been a Rotterdam Fave! You can tell – I’m a huge fan and absolutely want to support as much as possible!

Rotterdam Fave Kopi Soesoe
Famous iced kopi soesoe coffee & apple pie!

I have two gift cards at home, waiting for them to open again so I can treat myself to a delicious breakfast, or a long afternoon of drinks & homemade nacho and dip! One I bought before shutdown, the other a very thoughtful gift from friends for my Birthday.

If you’d like to support them, visit their webshop! This is a new initiative to for during the COVID19 crisis, and allows you to support them in different ways: buy a gift card, home decorations, etc. Click on the photo below to go directly to their website.

Read my Rotterdam Fave blogpost about them here: Kopi Soesoe, one of Rotterdam’s best kept secrets.

Green Delight

This Rotterdam Fave is closest to my heart, for many many reasons. The atmosphere, the food, the fantastic cocktails, the heartwarming community…It all has one person in common, the owner Emily! In the three years that I have been a regular at Green Delight, it has quickly grown into my favorite spot ‘home away from home’ in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Faves - Green Delight

Emily now occasionally opens up ‘Toko Abby’, where you can pick-up delicious home made meals! See her Facebook for more information. In addition, her partner has started Larry’s Pop Shop and makes some delicious home brewed Kombucha & artisanal made syrups. I’ll update this once they share more information – but don’t hesitate to contact them through FB!

Rotterdam Faves - Green Delight

Read my Rotterdam Fave blogpost about them here: Green Delight – Home away from home


This restaurant is probably the ‘original’ Rotterdam Fave, the first restaurant I really loved and went to for comfort food in Rotterdam.

Gamasot is a family run Korean restaurant, where the food is cooked in a small open kitchen. You’re always greeted with a smile when you step in, and the place is always busy! Since I have been going there the menu has always been the same – delicious, heartwarming food that is served quickly. Their menu consists of 12 dishes, and they offer Korean drinks as well. 

Gamasot - Fiery Explorer

They recently started to offer take-away every Thursday through Saturday, between 17:00-21:00. YAY! Best to check their website for their menu (click through below) and phone in your order through 010-2133048.

Support Rotterdam Fave
Click through to see their menu

Read my Rotterdam Fave blogpost about them here: Gamasot – Heartwarming Korean food

By Jarmusch

An American style diner, serving all-day breakfast. It sounded as if all my wishes had come true. By Jarmusch fulfills all my wishes, and more! Open early, great coffee and stellar breakfast dishes such as eggs specials and mouth-watering pancakes. AND gluten-free bread! I may not yet be a regular, but By Jarmusch has been a Rotterdam Fave since my first visit.

Rotterdam Fave - By Jarmusch

To cope in the time of COVID19, they are setting up various events like a drive-through, a breakfast pick-up service and a BBQ drive through the upcoming weekend! Order through WhatsApp or e-mail and pick-up on the weekend before 12 am.

In addition, they are also sending some merchandise & gift cards 🎁☕👕: Send your order via WhatsApp 06 536 953 13 or send an email:
– Gift Vouchers (from €10,- and up)
– by Jarmusch mug €5,-
– T-shirts €15,-

  • Order through: 06 536 953 13 or
  • Menu & times best to check their FB page! Find the latest menu here.
  • See their Facebook for exact opening hours
  • Website:
  • Address: Goudsesingel 64, 3011 KD Rotterdam – 010 307 48 09
Rotterdam Fave - By Jarmusch

Read my Rotterdam Fave blogpost about them here: By Jarmusch, all day breakfast heaven

Kua Taco Bar

My go-to in Rotterdam when I’m craving Mexican food…or just want extremely well made Margaritas. Last weekend they started a pick-up and limited delivery service in Rotterdam and the Hague! On Sunday me and my S.O. cycled over to pick up some delicious tacos de Alambre for dinner. They were gone so quickly I didn’t even have enough time to take a photo!

During this time they have a limited menu which you find here. Another great way to support them is to buy a gift card for when they’re able to open again! That way you’ll have another delicious evening to look forward to.

Rotterdam Fave
Steak left, barbacoa right
  • Find KUA Taco Bar via their facebook | Instagram | Website
  • Opening hours: @Hoogstraat 28A, Thursday – Sunday 16:00 – 20:30
  • Call them at 010-8467619 to place your order and agree on pick-up time

Read my Rotterdam Fave blogpost about them here: Kua – In how many languages can you say “I love tacos”?

L’Ouest / Le Nord

Over the years I have spent many an afternoon or evening at this Rotterdam Fave. Watching the trams and traffic go by, with bikes zooming in between all the busy Rotterdam movement. Time can seem to stand still at L’Ouest, while sipping on wine and enjoying the moment.

L 'Ouest @ The Fiery Explorer

The ‘big brother’ of L’Ouest is Le Nord (and their wine store) just North of the Train station. Another Rotterdam Fave with lots of good food and wine – with a perfect corner for people watching in the summer! They have started offering take-away (or delivery via deliveroo). They offer meals, specialty beers and wines for delivery/take away all days of the week. Find the menu here.

  • Order via 010 265 44 38 (between 15:00 – 21:00)
  • Or order via deliveroo
  • Proveniersstraat 33A, Rotterdam

Read my Rotterdam Fave blogpost about them here: L’Ouest – The perfect spot for wine & people watching.

Hinoki Noodle Soup

While I can’t find any information about Hinoki delivering at the moment, I do want to highlight them for a special reason. They’ve been making and delivering meals for the staff of the ICU for hospitals in Rotterdam. That is pretty amazing and a perfect reason to go by many times once they’re open again❤️.

Hinoki Noodle Soup @ The Fiery Explorer
  • When & where to get this bowl of happiness:  Keizerstraat 52, Rotterdam.  Open from Tuesday – Sunday, 12:00 – 21:30.
  • Find them also on Instagram | Facebook | Website

Read my Rotterdam Fave blogpost about them here: Hinoki Noodle Soup

KINO Rotterdam

I love this cinema so much, it was the only place I considered okay to watch the Film Festival Short Movie Marathon. During those six hours, I was once again intimately introduced to their comfortable chairs with lots of leg space. Their great coffee and super service. Cocktails you take inside with you…and no 3D!

To support them through this difficult time, they’ve set-up a webshop! They have gift cards and movie & dinner vouchers available, to be spent on a fun evening once they’re open again! They also sell a beautiful tote bag in case you’re in need of one 🙂.

KINO @ The Fiery Explorer

Be sure to check out their Facebook as well, where every week they’re releasing a ‘Cinéma Quarantaine’, where they share the best content on VOD, streaming and other accessible platforms while KINO is closed. Follow them also via Facebook | Instagram

Read my Rotterdam Fave blogpost about them here: KINO Rotterdam

Other ways to support your Rotterdam Faves during this crisis

Do you have a small café around the corner that you didn’t see on the list, but want to support? Gift cards are a great way to help them keep their cash flow healthy, and will allow you to go by for a treat once the crisis is over. Some faves are also offering other products on their websites. Follow @Supportyourlocals010 and @dichtedeuren for more lists of Rotterdam Faves that could use your support during this crisis!

Coming soon a Part 2 and 3 with new restaurants / more favorites, and one with only wine wine wine! Stay safe, stay healthy & help your local faves where you are, in whichever way you can ❤️.


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