The Fiery Explorer is back, more fiery than ever!

I know, it’s been quiet here on the Fiery Explorer. I love writing and sharing with you through the Fiery Explorer, that hasn’t changed! But sometimes our brain needs a break – a break to experience life fully, without thinking of self-imposed deadlines and forced creativity. That is why it’s been quiet on The Fiery Explorer the last few months. I’m happy to say I’m feeling more and more like myself each day, after a tough two years. This came with some fun distractions – flirts and fun interests that consumed my headspace 😉. It also came with some challenges, like creating distance in friendships and relationships that no longer give me energy. Change isn’t linear, and it isn’t always pretty like self-care flower-filled baths either (you know, like many of the ‘self-care’ gurus on Instagram like to share?).

The Fiery Explorer
I did some travelling while offline…stories to follow soon!

I took time off from writing on the Fiery Explorer so I could get in touch again with my intuitive creative side. Sometimes I would stress out about what to publish each week on here if I didn’t have new material or wasn’t in touch with the snarky fab writing muse that helps me. Taking a break from that helped realize the things that inspire me, move me and what for me, living a fiery life consists of.

So what’s going to change on The Fiery Explorer?

If you read the Fiery Explorer because you enjoy the Fiery Guides to different places – great! I will continue writing these, although they will have a more personal touch and story to them.

If you read the Fiery Explorer because you want to explore Rotterdam & the Netherlands and are interested in my recommendations – also great! These will remain a staple on the blog, but I hope to bring more stories about Rotterdam and my experiences into them 😊.

Are you more interested in the personal stories, and read about how I see the world and what I’m inspired by – and hopefully be inspired to look at the world closer yourself? Winning, winning, winning! All jokes aside, my favorite type of writing has become writing about the intangible aspects of life. Friendships, love, luck, and the full range of emotions – all things that you cannot write a guide for. And I love to place these stories within the context of travel, food, and Rotterdam. For a recent example, see my blog post about the chemistry between traveling and friends here.

This is a long way of saying; The Fiery Explorer will continue as a personal and lifestyle blog – not exclusively as a travel blog. A place where I share stories about travels, my friendships, food, and self-discovery. A place where you will read articles that may inspire you to live a more Fiery life yourself – on 100% your terms. Exploring to me means exploring all facets of life: experiences, travels, opinions, relationships, friendships, and love.

I hope you reader, stick around to explore more of what living a #Fiery life is, together. There is so much value and fun in sharing our experiences!


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