Rotterdam Fave: Kopi Soesoe, one of Rotterdam’s best kept secrets

I have delayed sharing this Rotterdam Fave with you for a long time. Not due to any reason related to Kopi Soesoe, but because I really LOVE this place and am a little protective of it. It is a lovely, warm bubble filled with great music, food and drinks. It’s comfortable and friendly and my go-to for breakfasts on the weekends. Since they opened in Katendrecht, Kopi Soesoe has really been a Rotterdam Fave!

Fave Kopi Soesoe

Read on to find out more about Rotterdam Fave Kopi Soesoe!

The best-kept secret in Rotterdam – coffee and cheesecake!

One of my favorite items on their menu is their coffee Soesoe. It’s an Indonesian coffee with condensed milk and cardamom, and is so delicious! I couldn’t keep count of how many of these on ice I enjoyed this hot summer. In general, this is a place to remember if you’re a coffee lover <3.

I love going here for breakfast and then generally have a hard time choosing what to order. Two of my favorites are the crumpets (the only place in Rotterdam that serves them!) and also their homemade egg salad on toast with bacon. Just thinking about it makes me want to close my laptop now and head over for some food. Their lunch consists mainly of sandwiches and ‘melts’, and include some surprising combinations!

However, the best kept ‘secret’ of Kopi Soesoe is really their amazing, mind-blowing, great cheesecake. I have had cheesecake from many places in Rotterdam, but theirs is undoubted the best, soft and with real vanilla. The ice cream shop on the corner (the Hijs) even makes ice-cream with their cheesecake, and it’s heavenly! Their other cakes are great too, and I often find it hard to resist ordering a piece of cake to accompany my coffee.

Fave Kopi Soesoe

A place that feels like home

My childhood was characterized by moving every few years, and in my twenties, I often felt I would never find a place to call home. I have really come to appreciate the comfortable feeling that comes from knowing places in your city very well, and being a regular somewhere. Kopi soesoe is once of those places for me in Rotterdam, as they have pretty much memorized my regular coffee order!

The atmosphere is relaxed, with a combination of high bar tables, low tables, and comfy chairs, it always feels welcoming to go in and relax. In addition, they often have great events over the weekend! Mostly centered around music, it’s an intimate setting to enjoy music and a drink with friends or a date. Their programming for concerts can be found here.

Fave Kopi Soesoe

Who do I recommend this Rotterdam Fave, Kopi Soesoe to? 

Everyone! But especially to people looking for a relaxed place to have great coffee and drinks, and enjoy music in a very intimate setting. Oh, and not to forget – cheesecake lovers of course!

If you like me can’t choose what to order there – just order all of it! It’s perfect for sharing with friends – if you are willing to share that is. It’s a great starting point for breakfast on the weekend and then heading over to the photography museum on the Wilhelminapier.

  • Address: Sumatraweg 15 (Deliplein, Katendrecht), 3072 ZP Rotterdam
  • Opening hours: Wed – Thurs: 9-17, Fri – Sat: 9 – 01, Sunday: 9-18
  • Website:

Fave Kopi Soesoe

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