Exploring the chemistry of travel & friends







A common language slowly being developed over the course of a few days.

A solid repetition of the same jokes, new enough to surprise each other, familiar enough to bond over.

Traveling with friends, especially ones you have not traveled with before, contains a very special type of magic if you stand still long enough to see it.

Nights into days, a new rhythm develops slowly. Falling into the same repetitive beat of different individuals.

Adapting, learning and enjoying.

This year I have already been fortunate enough to go on a few great trips, and during the journey, be part of and witness the chemistry of friends that develops over a few days.

The magical aspect of it, for me at least, is that this chemistry never fully dissipates. It stays with us, long after the journey has ended, after everyone is back in their own rhythm, and even after the friendship dissolves. It stays with us even if we never travel with the same friends again. An imprint of a country, a group of people, and the common vibration between them.

One of my favorite examples is how a common joke can often bring back that particular chemistry even though the common trip happened years back. One joke and a group of people are shortly transported back to a shared feeling, a shared impression of sights, sounds, and stories.

I find it a beautiful thought, although a slightly nostalgic one, that all our shared experiences and stories stay with us forever.

I hope we are all so lucky to experience this chemistry for ourselves – and to appreciate it when it happens.

Travel often and take risks dears – as one of my dear friends said to me today: “better to do something and experience it, good or bad, then regret not doing it”.

I would love to hear what some of the words or jokes are that stayed with you with the most. Two of mine are #miepje and busy bubbles – and the beauty is that only friends that went on those trips will ever understand those jokes ❣️.

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