My Fiery favorites of March!

Does anyone else have the feeling that January went by very slowly, and February just rushed by?! After the uplift of energy in January, February brought some slower, colder and darker days. So my Fiery Favorites of March are things that give me energy and comfort 💖.

Read on to find out my Fiery favorites of March!

My favorite book of the moment: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I already mentioned this book in my post ‘Currently Reading‘, but now that I have finished 75% I need to highlight it again. It is so good!! It is one of those books that once I pick up, I cannot put down. It’s an engrossing story that keeps me reading due to the mysterious story, the interesting characters and the hunger to understand what is going to happen to the main character, Shadow. I do not want to give too much away, but if you’re interested in modern culture, gods (ancient and modern) and appreciate books with a darker tone – this is an engrossing read!

Fiery Favorites of March

Harry Potter…everything!

I LOVE Harry Potter and have gotten more appreciation for the story reading it again as an adult. On my tough mental health days, this is something I often derive comfort from. I’ve bought some small items like pins, which make me smile during the day. It’s great how something that small can give a burst of positive energy and comfort. Now that Primark is selling HP merchandise, I have to admit my collection has grown quickly 😀. Listening to the audiobooks on my Sunday morning walk is probably one of my favorite things to do too! For any fellow murderinos reading: the ‘my favorite avada kedavra’ group is one of my favorite corners on the internet!

Second earlobe piercing

I recently got my second lobe pierced and I have so many ideas on which earrings to get! Instagram and Pinterest are full of beautifully adorned ears, and I want ALL the earrings! At the moment of writing this I júst got them pierced, so need to wait another 5 weeks until I can switch to something more fun. Below are some of the pictures I have been drooling over!

(by the way, does anyone else think it’s kind of funny to stare at photos of only ears haha?)

Fiery Favorites of MarchFiery Favorites of March

Jameela Jamil’s ‘I weigh’ movement on Instagram

If you don’t know her, Jameela Jamil is a British model, presenter, and actress. If you watch the series The Good Place, you know her as Tahani (if you’re not watching it…you should be!). I love her Instagram as she is funny, silly and has a strong emphasis on body positivity! After a stupid photo was posted of how much the Kardashians weigh, she started the #Iweigh hashtag. It focuses on that women and men are so much more than their weight! It’s so empowering and heartwarming to see how many women have joined, sharing what makes them beautiful, proud and strong! It helps so much to focus on what you are grateful for, and all that you have accomplished (big or small!). Follow the #iweigh hashtag on Instagram if you want to see some posts or the newly added i_weigh account!

I just wrote a (very angry but also loving) piece about “I weigh” it’s in my bio. ❤️

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This Works! Deep Sleep spray

I am trying to be better at going to bed on time and relaxing before bed. My approach to things that I struggle with, is usually to try and turn them into a mini-ritual. Smells have a strong tie to emotions and can help you to relax as well! I bought a sampler of the This Works! Deep Sleep Spray for myself and my mother for Christmas. We both struggle with sleeping – and this spray has helped us both – a miracle! The spray consists of a blend of Lavender, Vetivert, and Chamomile and is a perfect strength not to be too overwhelming. I spray some on my pillow and bed when I get in bed, so it has some time to work its magic while I read/finish my murder mystery episode.

Fiery Favorites of March

I hope you enjoyed reading about my fiery favorites – I certainly enjoyed writing this post! More Fiery favorites will be shared each month in the Lifestyle category!Flávia (2)

Disclaimer: All products shared above are truly my favorites! Want to be transparent and confirm that none were sponsored and all opinions are my own.


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