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love podcasts – I listen to them throughout the day and have groups of podcasts for different moments and moods. Listening to more podcasts was one of my 2017 intentions, and I have to say I achieved it 100%…and perhaps went a little overboard 😉.

In doing so I’ve found some fantastic wellness podcasts! I have learned so much from them regarding self-care, listening to your intuition and feelings, meditation, redefining success, etc. They range from very rational, science-based discussion to alternative healing and holistic focused. Despite being apprehensive and non-believing about certain topics at first (I am quite rational), it introduced me to a world of different thinking and approaches to life.

Because of this combination has inspired me to start meditating, being more focused on nutrition, getting into healing crystals and taking stress management seriously.

If you’re looking for, or open to some inspiring wellness/lifestyle podcasts, I would recommend having a listen to the ones listed below. You might be surprised and find yourself meditating or listening to Shaman Durek on a regular basis!

That’s So Retrograde

This is the first wellness podcast I got hooked on – and it has introduced me to so many new subjects and practices. Elizabeth and Stephanie are great hosts that interview a new guest every week – with subjects such as meditation, CBD products, astrology, and crystals. That’s So Retrograde is called “the Ab Fab of the new age” and that is 100% accurate! It’s happy, pop-y and fun. Give them a listen, you’ll have a good time!

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10% Happier with Dan Harris

If you identify with the words “fidgety skeptic”, this podcast is right up your alley! Dan Harris, an ABC newsman found relief in meditation after having struggled with depression and panic attacks. I like his straightforward approach and interviews, in which he discusses with guests how to become 10% happier through meditation. He focuses on the proven benefits of meditation, which inspires me to keep working on my daily practice!

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Oprah Supersoul Conversations

Let’s be honest, you cannot skip Oprah’s podcast when discussing wellness podcasts. These are DEEP conversations, which truly dive into the interviewee’s soul. I find the conversations enlighting, often confronting and always comforting. Oprah interviews authors, spiritual leaders, as well as wellness experts.

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Happier with Gretchen Rubin

I know the author and research Gretchen Rubin from her first book, ‘The Happiness Project’. She co-hosts a podcast with her sister, and it is super! This is a great podcast because they offer practical, manageable advice about changes you can make in your daily life. I especially appreciate their focus on how to empower and change your habits to have a positive impact. If you want to start small and gain new insights into your daily behavior – start with this podcast!

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The Lavendaire Podcast

I follow Aileen Xu on Youtube and was happy to find her podcast as well! Aileen shares lifestyle, wellness, and personal growth advice in easy-to-listen, short, weekly podcasts. I really like this podcast as it touches upon all topics I am currently exploring: spirituality, finding your passion, improving mental health, etc. I feel the podcast is specially created for millennials due to the way it is presented but because the topics are universal it’s a very accessible podcast.

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Other great wellness podcasts worth a listen:

I would love to hear your favorite wellness/lifestyle podcasts, and if you liked any of my recommendations! Please share below or on my Instagram or Facebook!

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