2018 Intentions: Creative, Fun, Intentional and LOVE!

I love the tradition of setting intentions though because it helps me focus throughout the year on what is important. Seeing 2017 was a very challenging year during which I learned so much about myself, I have focused my 2018 intentions on continuing the journey of self-worth and self-exploration and having fun again!

And I have to say, I was able to complete most of my 2017 intentions: set-up my blog traveled alone to Lisbon and Japan, made self-care and mental health a priority, started art history classes, drank a lot more champagne, listened to a crazy amount of podcasts, visited many beautiful museums…

Remember, intentions can be a helpful tool to help you focus on what you want to shape in your life, to focus on what you find important. They really shouldn’t be goals that you have to achieve, just a fun tool to be more fully yourself in 2018 💖

#Crazy Creative

Despite 2017 sometimes being very sh*tty, I also discovered that I am quite creative – and get a lot of energy from this! My 2018 intentions are to continue exploring this and having fun with it!

  • Podcasting: A friend and I are working on setting up a podcast about two of our favorite subjects!
  • Learn a new skill: Inspired by the quote “when was the last time you did something for the first time”. I will actually be taking a creative writing class (so excited!!) and hopefully many more things for this first time. Maybe I’ll be horrible at them…or I might just discover a new talent! 💎

The Fiery Explorer

#F*ck Perfection

I really struggle with a fear of failing…just doing something and being really sucky at it. This limits me so much, as it often means I don’t often go outside my comfort zone. This intention is more focused on the mental work that I need to do, to incorporate this into my way of thinking and acting. The many podcasts I listen to were the inspiration for these intentions:

  • Embrace interests and quirks: basically this comes down to growing more into being myself, a little day by day. Being unapologetic about who I am and my interests (incl. a museum fan and Hello Kitty lover).
  • Everything is a choice: I heard this in a podcast with Kelsey Patel (That’s So Retrograde) and it stuck with me. Everything I do is a choice – and that influences how I choose to feel about them.
  • Read one book per month: I love to read…but had not done so for such a long while. Since the end of last year to really make an effort to read more, which is going well so far! This intention would not be possible if I didn’t have a little more energy, and feeling so much better than last year! Just finished my 3rd book of January ✨!

Intentions 2018 - The Fiery Explorer


Depression means that sometimes I can be surrounded by my favorite people or places in the world and still be completely miserable. Now that I am slowly recovering, I want to re-explore what really gives me joy!

  • Be a kid – have fun! For a really long time, I felt I couldn’t really be silly – I care too much about what people think of me and wouldn’t be able to let loose. I feel this is slowly changing, and I’m having fun surrounding myself with things that make me giggle, however ‘immature’ they may be.
  • Experiences with friends: For the most of 2017 I was a major social hermit – I’m looking forward to slowly getting out of my cave and sharing more fun experiences with friends in 2018! 💌
  • Cosy up apartment: I love my tiny apartment, it allows for everything I need and really feels like home. However, since I moved in when I was still a student, I feel some furniture still reflects the ‘what I could afford’ style. I’m going to replace some furniture to make it feel a little more stylish and grown-up. 💅

Intentions - The Fiery Explorer

#Get Down with your Spiritual Self

  • Daily meditation practice: I started meditating last year, but haven’t gotten into a daily practice yet. I have felt the benefit of meditating, so am working on practicing it every day… on every other day now :). More on getting into meditating soon!
  • Explore Buddhism: I have always been interested in Buddhism but thought “as a white girl…not sure I should be exploring this”. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but bear with me! During my trip to Koya, I learned certain practices which really resonated with me. I ordered a few books and am enjoying reading about Buddhist practices & meditation. See also my post on #Currently Reading.
  • Lean into feelings: This is a really important intention for me this year, and really focusses on trusting myself and instincts, and listening to my feelings. Also, if something feels scary and unsure, but does really excite me – just do it! I want to grow outside my current small comfort zone and live more intentionally. 🌙

Intentions 2018 - The Fiery Explorer

If after reading this, you think I’ve turned into a living cliché…you’re probably right. But I guess some things have become a cliché because they really do work, and a lot of people go through the same process. I don’t mind doing things that many other people have done if it leads me closer to myself and a more joyful, less fearful life. We have all our lives to explore and find what fits us best, so I guess we’re all a stereotype at some point – and that’s 100% OK 💘. 

I would love to hear your intentions or goals for 2018 – and what inspires you this year!

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