Fiery thoughts – Enjoying the small things

Mindfulness, this has always been a concept I find difficult to understand and even harder to practice. I’m working on my process of becoming more comfortable with myself, taking care of me first and learning to listen to my needs & emotions. I am slooooowly making progress, but the foremost thing I have noticed lately is that I’m enjoying small things more. I believe this is linked to being in the moment, so I hope this is an indication all the work is paying off!

The small things that have given me joy & energy lately:

  • Getting a cold bubble tea and listening to the last episode of the ‘My Favorite Murder’ podcast
  • Having dinner with girlfriends and having deep conversations in a space of no judgment & support <3
  • Watching Sailor Moon episodes on a rainy day…..not far enough to decide which is my favorite scout yet 😉
  • Taking myself on a ‘date’ for dinner at one of my fave cafes and then to a movie
  • Watched the Lego Batman movie, and giggling alone about all the bad jokes
  • Listening to the ‘No such thing as a fish’ podcast while doing groceries – I laugh and smile to myself listening to this (must look like a lunatic haha).
  • Wandering through a museum on a cold rainy day

#Fiery Thoughts will be a way to share my thoughts, ideas, etc. in a fairly unedited manner. Find more under the Lifestyle category.

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I would love to hear what the small things are you enjoy, please share with me in the comments below!


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