My Fiery favorites of January!

My fiery favorite things and products of January!

The end of the year and beginning of the next is always a busy period. There is that homey feeling from the holidays lingering, mixed in with the hopefulness and new energy of the new year. Work has been quite hectic and my personal agenda has been full of great invitations from friends. I want to say YES to everyone…but I know I sometimes need to take it easy to keep myself healthy.

In busy times, I can get a lot of comfort from small things that make me happy, and enjoy products that bring give me every day feeling of luxury and comfort.

Read on to find out my Fiery favorites of January!

Small dainty necklaces

I recently bought a new necklace with a small moon from British brand Orelia, and I’m really in love with it. I’m especially in love with all things planets (hello next tattoo!), so this brings two favorites together perfectly!Fiery January Favorites

Fenty lipgloss

While in Paris last month I made a quick dash to Sephora, and had to get something from Rihanna’s new beauty line. The reviews online are all raving….but I didn’t have enough time to test everything. I bought the lipgloss, which is heavenly! It smells so good, goes on smoothly and leaves my lips feeling soft. This is one of those products that feels like a little luxury moment.Fiery January Favorites

My Favorite Murder podcast

I’ve mentioned them before, and told all my friends about them already….and I can’t get enough! The last few weeks Thursday’s have been especially tough, and one of my highlights is always listening to the new episode! Their humor and banter about random subjects brings a huge smile to my face. I’m also going to their show in May ⚡️!

Pugs on Instagram

They just fill my heart with happiness and cuteness and warm fuzzy feelings. I love all dogs, but pugs have found a special place in my heart (next to dachshunds and cocker spaniels). As at the moment, I cannot have a dog myself, I am living vicariously through all the pug-owners on Instagram. Their insta stories are guaranteed to bring an enormous smile on my face and cheer me up again. My favorites are Mochi and Senator Sanchi <3!

Fiery January Favorites
Source: instragram 157ofgemma

Face masks

I’m a big fan of face masks, and with the cold weather and hormones acting up I need them more than ever! I’ve been trying different brands of sheet masks that I bought in Japan and most have been great! Some are more cleansing, and others focus on hydrating (necessary in the cold winter months!). I have been varying with my favorite clay mask from Kiehls, which I use once per week in the areas that have the most breakouts. I would love to be able to say I always use my ‘mask moments’ to relax for 30 minutes….but usually am finishing up chores around the house *glamorous lifestyle here*!Fiery January Favorites

Favorite book of the moment

Mythos, by Stephen Fry – I have always been interested in the Greek myths, and had been searching for a good book for a few weeks when I bumped into this one! I can’t tell you how excited I was to have found a book written by Stephen Fry (personal hero – I love his way with words) and Greek myths! The woman in the bookstore luckily understood that my awkward babbling and hand movements were of a fiery enthusiastic nature and we had a great moment connecting about how AWESOME this is!Fiery January Favorites

I hope you enjoyed reading about my fiery favorites – I certainly enjoyed writing this post! More Fiery favorites will be shared each month in the Lifestyle category!

Disclaimer: All products shared above are truly my favorites! Want to be transparent and confirm that none were sponsored and all opinions are my own.


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