The Fiery Explorer is back – shiny and updated!

Hi dear readers!

Thank you for coming by and seeing the newly updated Fiery Explorer!

Now that I’m slowly starting to feel better, my creative vibes are coming back – motivated to start sharing stories with you again! My goal when I started the Fiery Explorer was to inspire people to live a passionate life – a full life filled with fun, self-discovery, seeing the wonder in small things – all the while traveling and exploring this beautiful planet we live on.

Starting this Saturday the Fiery Explorer is back with stories about traveling (my beautiful trip to Koyasan coming up!), but also more posts about wellness, self-discovery, and lifestyle. Throughout I will keep sharing from personal experience as well, to take you along while I explore how to live a fiery, passionate life myself.

New blog posts coming up:

  • New Rotterdam Faves!
  • Fiery favorite products
  • The Fiery Explorer’s guide to Lisbon
  • Currently Reading…
  • Intentions for 2018

If there are any topics you would like to read about on The Fiery Explorer, please share in the comments below!

Looking forward to hearing from you!





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