Rotterdam Faves: Perfect spot for wine & people watching at L’Ouest

Over the years I have spent many a afternoon or evening at this Rotterdam Fave. Watching the trams and traffic go by, with bikes zooming in between all the busy Rotterdam movement. Time can seem to stand still at L’Ouest, while sipping on wine and enjoying the moment.

On the corner of the Van Olde Barneveldstraat and Mauritsweg, this wine bar and restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere. They serve a great variation of wines and also offer wineflights and tasting. My favorite is to visit with friends, order some snacks and wine and just spend time talking, relaxing and looking at all the activity in this busy street near the Rotterdam Station. I have spent many a hour here, trying different wines and eating tons of cheese…… <3.

L'Ouest @ The Fiery Explorer

The restaurant offers lunch and dinner, with a monthly changing menu de chef. I’ve never had dinner there, but often enjoyed the Mediterranean inspired tapas and fantastic cheeses they have! To be honest…if you give me a good glass of wine, french bread, cheese and some charcuterie…I’m extremely happy and can eat that each day!

L 'Ouest @ The Fiery Explorer
Even on rainy Sunday’s a good place to relax…
L 'Ouest @ The Fiery Explorer
Can never choose with their extensive wine list!

FYI ladies and gentlemen in Rotterdam, this is also a really good place for dates! They serve great wine and beers, it is near the station and offer dinner if you just can’t call it a night yet! It’s also walking distance to the Suicide Club if you want to finish the night with a cocktail and a dance!

L'Ouest @ The Fiery Explorer
<3 cheese! Just some of their selections.
  • Address: Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 139, Rotterdam, phone: +31 (0)10 280 7206
  • Open: Wednesday – Friday 16.00pm – 22.00pm, weekends 12.00pm – 00.00am
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram

Let me know what your current favorite place is in Rotterdam! Please share if you liked this Rotterdam Faves!




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