Rotterdam Fave: Aloha Bar

One of my best friends was in Rotterdam for my Birthday, and the weather was predicted to be nice enough to sit outside…As she moved out of Rotterdam a few years ago, I wanted to take her somewhere new and exciting…show off one of my Rotterdam faves. My mind was racing through all the options…it needed to have a good terrace, fantastic views, laid back atmosphere and good food…one option was clear – Aloha!

Aloha Rotterdam is a bar/restaurant/club in what I consider one of Rotterdam’s most unique locations: an old tropical swimming pool! I actually remember visiting it with family when I was younger (that’s a long time ago haha!). The space has beautifully been redesigned, but you can still see the old structure of the ‘wild water river’ in the restaurant. They also have one of the best terraces in Rotterdam, with a view overlooking the river Maas and both bridges.

Aloha @ The Fiery Explorer

Aloha @ The Fiery Explorer

We settled in the sun, ordered some drinks and had a look at what they offer for lunch. We couldn’t make a choice, so we decided to share sandwiches and get some bitterballen. Bitterballen are a fried Dutch snack, usually filled with ragout. At Aloha they serve bitterballen made with oyster mushrooms, grown in their own basement by Rotterzwam. If you like reading about cool local food initiatives, definitely check them out! They serve many restaurant in and around Rotterdam with locally and sustainably grown mushrooms!

Aloha @ The Fiery Explorer
Bitterballen made with oyster mushrooms – so good!
Aloha @ The Fiery Explorer
Sandwich rib-eye with rucola and coffee mayo
Aloha @ The Fiery Explorer
Sandwich with mushrooms, truffel, sunflower seeds and salad

It was a perfect spot to catch up with one of my favorite people on this planet <3!

Aloha @ The Fiery Explorer Aloha @ The Fiery Explorer

Aloha @ The Fiery Explorer
View from Aloha

Fiery tip: Dansvoer organizes their silent disco parties at Aloha in the summer. There is nothing better than dancing under the stars, with a view over the river alongside your friends. Especially as you can dance to three different types of music!! Cannot wait for those parties to start again outside! Dancing under the stars > inside parties obvs.

Have you been to Aloha? Share your experiences or food recommendations below!




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