Rotterdam Faves: Altijd in de Buurt

Altijd in de Buurt is a newer Rotterdam favorite of mine, but I am sure this will become a regular weekend meeting spot! Altijd in de Buurt opened in the summer of 2016, near the Rotterdam Central Station. They describe themselves as a coffeebar deluxe & toko extravaganza, and their motto is “start early, wake up fresh”.

The concept is that you can go to Altijd in de Buurt throughout the day – visit in the morning for some good coffee and to get some work done, go for a tasty lunch or go for dinner and drinks on Thursday and Friday. I visited on a Saturday afternoon for a catch-up lunch with a friend. The space has super high ceilings and a cool bar with wooden planks and brass lamps.

Altijd in de Buurt @ The Fiery Explorer Altijd in de Buurt @ The Fiery Explorer

I love the fact that the menu has beautiful photos on it – you know what you’re getting…and that it looks gooood! Altijd in de Buurt has become known for the place that has Chicken & Waffles in Rotterdam. Yep, fried chicken and wafels, sounds like a strange combination right? I had to try it, and it did not disappoint!  Especially the chicken is super crispy, tasty and golden brown. My friend ordered a chicken and avocado sandwich, which looked delicious as well!

Altijd in de Buurt @ The Fiery Explorer Altijd in de Buurt @ The Fiery Explorer

Despite the Chicken and Waffels being a healthy serving size….the pancakes that kept passing me by made my mouth water again. Any volunteers to go back soon to try the pancakes?!

In short: new Rotterdam fave, where you will be finding me on Thursday for pasta and cheap beer, and in the weekends for brunch!

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