Foodie Love – Slice of Napels in Rotterdam @ Bird

I know it’s a cliché, but I’m going to say it anyway – I LOVE pizza. Pizza is bae, helps with hangovers and rarely lets me down. Bird is a concert stage, bar and restaurant in Rotterdam that hosts a broad array of events, including the quarterly ‘Night of Neapolitan Pizza‘.

A friend was smart enough to remember to buy tickets in advance (read a month in advance!) for last weekend’s event, which meant I finally had the opportunity to attend! The concept is relatively simple: your €35 ticket gets you antipasti, various types of freshly made Neapolitan style pizza, dessert, live muziek and access to the party @ Bird after the event.

I love the way the space had been set-up, with long picknick style tables, an Italian movie on the screen and lit by candlelight. When you enter you receive a number, which you can use to get a drink at the bar…or at the wine ‘bar’. Keeping with the theme of the evening, only Italian wine was served including a delicious Chianti and Vernaccia.

The entree and pizza are served for the ‘table’, and if you’re lucky this might just be less people than planned ;). Our entree was a delicious ceviche style salmon and fresh green asparagus with green pesto. It tasted like spring – fresh, light flavours with the crunchy texture of the asparagus.

We were served five pizza’s: margherita, spicy salame, pesto/mozzarella, pizza nero (with squid ink) and ham and arugula. Every single one of them was crispy and delicious. I cannot judge whether these are how traditional Neapolitan pizzas are….but they were very good!

The great musical due of Duo Colore added a fun flourish to the evening. With the live music, candle light, fantastic wine and tasty pizzas, it felt just as if I was on holiday in Italy for a while. I would definitely go again!! The next event is on June 3rd, get your tickets early if you want to experience a slice of Napels in Rotterdam!

One half of Due Colore with the pizza chef!
One half of Due Colore with the pizza chef!

Fiery tip: save your receipt once you pay! We payed but didn’t take the receipt with us, Bird e-mailed us after that we didn’t pay for our wine…Guess something went wrong with the number system :(.




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