Lisbon solo-trip booked!

I just booked my first solo trip! I’m going to Lisbon for 3.5 days for some quality solo time exploring the city, having good food & wine and appreciating the beautiful architecture and museums of Lisbon. 

I’ve been there two times before and am excited to go back without a plan. Perhaps I will just sleep, eat and read for a few days. Having a few days off I felt it was best to get out of my bubble in Rotterdam, where most likely I would spend my free days just watching Netflix and cleaning up my apartment.

Lisbon @ The Fiery Explorer

Now I look forward to visit a few museums I haven’t been to before, explore the streets of cute neighborhoods and treat myself to good food! I’m going to re-watch Anthony Bourdain in Lisbon this afternoon…and see if I can make reservations for José Avillez’s restaurants again…

Lisbon @ The Fiery Explorer

If you have any recommendations for restaurants/museums/go-to bars etc., please share!!

Have a great Sunday!




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