Rotterdam Faves: KINO Cinema

Small movie cinemas give me a nostalgic feeling for some reason. I don’t go to see movies much, but when I do I really prefer going to smaller cinemas instead of the huge, loud and bright variations. I was very happy to hear a new small movie theater had been renovated and opened – KINO Cinema.

Located in a side street of the Nieuwe Binnenweg, the building is tucked in between residential houses. Once you step inside, it’s bright, airy and filled with light. I have been here a few times – the last time for a Breakfast & Movie showing of ‘Hidden Figures’.

KINO @ The Fiery Explorer
The breakfast was simple but delicious, the coffee strong and hot and the company fun and gorgeous! Hidden Figures is a must see – the story shows the struggle of three brilliant African American women working for NASA during the 1960’s, working on getting the first American man into space. It brought me to tears, and served as a strong reminder that we have far to go to a fair and equal society.

KINO @ The Fiery Explorer

I love small movie theaters as they allow for events such as this – getting some breakfast, coffee and catching up with friends. KINO also has a great offer of movies – they show commercial movies but have enough space to show art-house movies of today and the past. They honor directors with special events and show classical movies. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month they host the ‘Cinebizari’ evening, during which they show a fantastic (yet bizarre) movie, a fun guest and a quiz! I have read positive stories about their kitchen, so need to try this for myself soon!

KINO @ The Fiery Explorer

Want to experience the cosy KINO feeling for yourself? See which movies will be shown soon, upcoming events and where to find them. I couldn’t find a website in English, so I hope you can navigate the website, or just visit them!

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