Foodie Love: Street-food journey on Dotonbori, Osaka

Dotonbori is probably the most famous street in Osaka. Known for it’s blown-up restaurant signs of various foods & people, it is colourful, loud, full of people and lined with restaurants. We spent Halloween evening walking through Dotonbori, going from food stall to food stall. We started off with fresh grilled Octopus (~¥500), and the freshness and the taste will stay with me forever (I’m getting hungry!).

Octopus @ The Fiery Explorer

After that we moved on to another snack Osaka is known for, Takoyaki – an octopus snack made with batter. These were delicious, and we tried it another few times the next days (especially good after drinking!). Watch out though, these are little balls of lava when fresh! ¥500 for six pieces.

Gyoza @ The Fiery Explorer









Followed by the Takoyaki was fresh gyoza (~¥200 for 6 pieces) and grilled Kobe beef (¥500). As we were getting a little cold, we headed into a kushiage restaurant. Kushikatsu or Kushiage are deep-fried skewers of meat and vegetables and is another dish Osaka is known for. Remember the etiquette when eating this: no double dipping in the sauce! We got a standard set of 9 pieces for ¥1400.

Now it was time for the big finale, the pièce de résistance – Melon bread with vanilla ice cream. Around half-way Dotonbori there is an area with a lot of food trucks, including a green truck selling warm melon bread. It sounds so simple, which is why it is so good. The bread is soft, warm and sweet, and goes great with the vanilla ice cream inside. We shared everything until this point, but not this!









Dotonbori also has a lot of stores, mainly focused on tourists buying popular Japanese products, Osaka souvenirs, and shops filled with capsule toys and anime figures.

Glico @ The Fiery Explorer
The Glico man!

Dotonbori is especially famous for its larger-than-life signs outside of restaurants, below a few we passed by!

Dotonbori @ The Fiery Explorer Dotonbori @ The Fiery Explorer Dotonbori @ The Fiery Explorer Takoyaki @ The Fiery Explorer

We also spent time going through the gachapon (capsule toy)/anime stores, which are filled with cute toys (Stitch is one of my favorites) and lots of toys related to anime series.

Dotonbori @ The Fiery Explorer
Now part of my pin collection – Kuro sensei!
Dotonbori @ The Fiery Explorer
Too many capsule toys to count!
Dotonbori @ The Fiery Explorer
Cat hat, anyone?








Dotonbori @ The Fiery Explorer

Visiting Dotonbori is really a must-do when visiting Osaka, but please do not only stay on this street!  Osaka is a city filled with good food and lots of places to explore. The many small streets and alleys behind this street are a lot quieter and filled with fantastic small restaurants, fun bars, and unusual stores. I found getting lost in these streets one of the most fun things to do while in Japan!

Have you been to Osaka, or planning to go there soon? Let me know what your favorites were!

Ja ne!



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