2017 resolutions – Artsy, Smart, Fancy and Doing sh*t!

Each year two of my best friends and I come up with resolutions for the year. This once started over many glasses of red wine…we thought new years resolutions needed a make-over, they need to be more fun and more free! Fun is a central theme, but I also think about how to live my ‘best’ life..what do I want to do more or improve? I treat them as reminders for myself instead of rules,  and we never include anything that makes us feel bad about ourselves (weight related/drinking less/flirting less).

I thought it would be fun to share my ‘resolutions’ for 2017, as many of the blog posts to follow will be linked to my efforts to live fiery & passionately based on these four themes. Also, you may draw some inspiration from it – resolutions for yourself don’t need to be harsh rules you need to achieve, and if you don’t achieve them, to make you feel like you failed (that was always my feeling). They can be fun reminders on what to focus on in your day-to-day life!

#Artsy Fartsy!

I really enjoy art in all forms and shapes, and it always gives me a lot of energy. It is something I also enjoy doing alone – wandering through a museum or photo gallery on a lazy Sunday. However, since I started working I have not been doing anything creative anymore. I always say my creative talent is mostly in dancing….so I found other ways to be involved in art in 2017:

  • Live music: Rotterdam offers a lot of free live music if you know where to go. Also provides a good opportunity to catch-up with friends and explore new places in Rotterdam!
  • Art History Classes @ SKVR: I started with these classes at the beginning of February, which teaches us the art highlights of various periods in history. I find it so relaxing to listen to my professor’s history explanation and discuss beautiful pieces of art and their relevance in time.
  • Photography: I bought a nice system camera in 2015, and since then have been slowly working on improving. Now having The Fiery Explorer blog I want to learn and improve a lot more!


#Fancy Dancy

Everyone wants to be a little fancier right? This resolution for me is about being a little light-hearted, and thinking about what I can change about my appearance that makes me feel good about myself.

  • Drink more champagne! By this we really mean prosecco…..or cava…Just because bubbles are fun and delicious. To be honest, our group doesn’t really need a reminder for this point…but’s it’s #fancy right?
  • Better clothes: I want to stop buying endless amounts of ‘fast-fashion’ and invest more in pieces that are classically my style and will last longer. Also looking into sustainable brands!
  • Take care of my nails: I love having my nails done, but it’s too expensive in NL. So making a conscious effort to maintain my own and improve my home manicure.
Manicure with my favorite planet nail stickers from Japan…

# Still done with dumb

In 2015/2016 we were done with dumb – and we still are! This resolution for me is all about broadening my horizons and making sure I keep learning. I have noticed that unless I consciously work on it, I don’t read/learn but instead just watch a lot of TV once I come home from work. In 2017 I aim to learn via:

  • Reading more: I finally got a New Yorker magazine subscription and lots of new books…now trying to get back the habit of reading in the evenings!
  • Podcasts: last year I listened to a lot of audiobooks, and know this is a great way to learn (listening & sunday walks!).  I’ve discovered so many good podcasts, will share some soon!
  • Museums: I’m a art lover and a geek….and still do not go to museums so often. I miss this! This reminder will take some more effort – I haven’t been to a museum yet in 2017! No-one ever said reminders always work…
  • Finances: same each year….need to get smarter with them!

#Doing sh*t

This sounds a little crass…but these resolutions about things we just want and need to DO. For me this mainly revolves around improving my mental health and doing things that give me energy!

  • Start my blog: DONE – Yaaaayy!!! Really, really enjoying this and getting so much energy and inspiration from this!
  • Vacation alone: I have noticed I need more time and space to think & reflect. I think going on vacation by myself will be a great opportunity. Not lying here…I  find the idea terrifying…but as they always say, you should do what lies outside your comfort zone!
  • Volunteer: I would love to get involved in a local NGO working with food or empowering women. Going to work on this in the 2nd half of 2017, so I have some time to work on my energy levels :).
  • Focus on me & take better care of myself: the scariest and most difficult one of them all. I’ve been struggling with this for a while, but I know that if I don’t focus on this now, it’s going to affect my health and 2017 won’t be as fun or #fancy!


I hope you enjoyed my first personal post, giving insight into how I’m trying to navigate my (very) near-30-something life….

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.




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  1. Bruna Franchini
    March 8, 2017 / 21:39

    #betterclothers same here!

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