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Welcome to Rotterdam! In Rotterdam Faves I will tell you about my favorite areas, cafes and restaurants in Rotterdam! Rotterdam is quite spread out, so it helps to know where the fun areas are!

My friends and family know me as a foodie…and one of my favorite areas in Rotterdam has a high concentration of fantastic cafes and restaurants. Katendrecht is an area on the south side of the Maas, on the other side of the Erasmus bridge. This area has seen many aspects of an ever changing Rotterdam:  a small village next to the river, industrial area, Rotterdam’s first china town and an area known for the ‘ladies of the night’…

Since a bridge was placed between the Wilheminapier and Katendrecht, the area has begun to develop into foodie-heaven. Below are some of my favorites there, but visit the area to explore yourself!

Kopi Soesoe – This is one of my absolute favorite cafes in Rotterdam! They have the BEST cheesecake,  great Indonesian coffee and not to forget their homemade sandwiches (home made egg salad!). I will go here in the weekends to read a book, have some cheesecake and just relax. TIP: they sometimes special cakes, and then offer slices via their instagram/facebook.

Inside Kopi Soesoe
All cakes are super @ Kopi Soesoe!
Photo from deli bird
Photo from deli bird

Deli Bird – I could eat here every day, Deli Bird serves the best Thai food I’ve had in Rotterdam! It’s a small place which serves super fresh food and has a reallllly spicy papaya salad. It’s always booked full, so if you want to grab a seat, be sure to reserve a table. Sometimes even better…get take out (Netflix and Pha Naeng)!

Photo from deli bird
Photo from deli bird










Lilith op de Kaap – What I really missed in Rotterdam was a good place to get Brunch food…you know, fluffy pancakes, eggs benedict (my favorite!) and french toast. The Onbijtbar left a gap in our breakfast hearts…but Lilith is working hard to fill this gap (still miss their burrito though). They recently opened a second cafe in Rotterdam in Katendrecht. Breakfast until 4PM – YAS!! Find them online & instagram.

Eggs Benedict <3!

CEO Baas van het Vlees & Bistrot du Bac – These neighboring restaurants are both always on my recommendation list when asked to go for a celebration or ‘fancier’ dinner. CEO offers the best steak & meat dishes I have had in Rotterdam, and the wine list is <3! Bistrot du Bac is a French bistrot, whose decor helps you daydream you’re in Paris, eating fabulous traditional french food! Find them here CEO – Instragram & Bistrot du Bac Instagram

Fenix Food Factory is another one of my Rotterdam Faves, and will be up on the blog soon!

Beijo, Flávia


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